Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to clarify the Bangla Journal’s policy on web user data and privacy; to explain what data we collect and how we use it.

This statement is liable to change, and users who are concerned about these matters are advised to check this document on the BJ Website whenever relevant. On an ongoing basis however, the Bangla Journal will maintain a general policy of only gathering user data that is strictly relevant to the journal, of protecting that data and never sharing it with a third party, and of using it only for internal purposes which are necessary for the normal running of the journal and its website.

Questions about this privacy statement should be addressed to <>. and this document relates only to the BJ website "".

BJ Website Subscription and Non-Refundable policy

In order to access the contents of the Bangla Journal through BJ Website, users are required to purchase item/items of choice or the complete issue as per price stipulated herein. All the purchases will be considered as final and non-refundable. It is necessary for the website to be able to identify users. Users are thus required to subscribe by specifying details such as name, email address and postal address. This user data is stored in the Bangla Journal’s web database and will be used, if deemed necessary, for internal purposes only. The Bangla Journal does not share this data with any third party.

The Bangla Journal only sends emails to recipients who have opted-in to an email list, or who have purchased items from BJ Website. Since Bangla Journal maintains relationships with its subscribers and users often over many years, there is no set expiry time on the period for data storage. However, user data can be deleted upon request to the Bangla Journal via email: bangla@

Financial Data

Bangla Journal does not keep any financial data in its web databases: transactions are processed by third-party company- SSL Commerz- which specialize in handling such data securely.


Bangla Journal does not collect any user data based on cookies, nor does it store any sort of user information that may be personal to the user. If a third party associated with the BJ Website collects user cookies upon your visit to BJ Website, Bangla Journal does not control the use of these cookies.

IP Addresses

IP addresses are numeric codes assigned to devices connected to the internet. They can be thought of as analogous to telephone numbers, identifying different points on the internet, between which communication can occur. Bangla Journal uses the IP addresses of institutions as a basis for identifying institutional subscribers and may provide them with access to its archives. Institutional users also sometimes require statistics about the usage of their subscription accounts. In order to supply these services, Bangla Journal records the IP addresses of requests for the site. This information is only used internally to Bangla Journal, and only for these purposes.